Business Support HR Partnership

Our exceptional Human Resources support partnership.

Why have an in-house HR department in your business, which will cost you a small fortune to run with professional HR qualified staff, when from only £5 per employee per month, you can have a fully outsourced HR department, fully staffed by senior HR executives with decades of HR experience!

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Not just any old HR services, but far more than that, we partner with you and take up and handle as many of your HR requirements as you need.

Whether it’s ensuring that all your employee contracts are properly structured and maintained, or you need to ensure that problem employees are properly handled, or you need to be sure that somebody you are dismissing is properly handled in order to ensure that you don’t face problems later, or perhaps you need to ensure that you meet any and all employment legislation.

Even if you need any sort of personnel assessments, such as psychometrics, interviews, etc., or perhaps to find and identify staff at any level for employment, we can handle it all for you.

Even weekly or monthly payroll services for all staff can be handled.

And the best part of all this? We can offer you a service on a fixed monthly retainer cost, so that everything and anything required is covered.

Just tell us how many staff you have and how many of the services you would like us to cover and we’ll be happy to give you a fixed cost quote.

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