‘Business Support HR Partnerships Ltd.’ was set up in response to an ongoing demand from both SMB (Small to Medium Size Businesses) and large corporations looking to cut HR departmental costs and yet maintaining, or increasing, all the HR services required of a 21st century business whilst obtaining both support and hands-on help in order to navigate the complex quagmire of Human Resource legistlation which can all too easily overwhelm many businesses in the highly litigeous age we live.

After decades of Business Support HR services working within Business Support International to support businesses worldwide, we have now put together a specialist team of highly experienced HR executives, led by one of the UK’s foremost HR experts, to formalise our services in the set up of the service as ‘Business Support HR Partnerships Ltd.’

It is only too easy to forget the importance of a businesses HR as long as business is going well and staff are at peace with their employers and everybody is happy. However, the moment the business begins having problems with any members of staff, or needs to let anybody go, or implement redundancies, then the contracts and the most minute detail of how the situation is handled, becomes critical to the company if they are to secure their position in anticipation of accusations of constructive dismissal, or any other challenges made to decisions taken, no matter how absurd the accusations, they can potentially become extremely costly to the business and judgements by tribunals or other courts can be found against the business, simply through technicalities, such as incorrect process or documents being out of date or not comprehensive enough to cover the circumstances in dispute! In other words, the business can be in the right, but still lose a case through incorrect process or documentation!

By leaving all documentation, processes, handling of disputes, etc. to our professional team, you can sleep easy in the knowledge that the burden is on those who have extensive experience in handling whatever the situation and all at a manageable fixed price retainer.